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I'm all about sensation. My mission in life is to indulge in fine food and wine, and to take you along for the ride. As an internationally established wine consultant, I want you to truly appreciate the melding of texture, aroma and flavour while I share the incredible stories, places, and people behind some of our greatest creations.

To experience or create the best NZ and the world has to offer, please get in touch.

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CP is an original. He stands out in any capacity, as wine-lover, wine-critic and especially wine-maker. The wines he made at Mountford were a revelation.”

Jasper Morris MW
Burgundy wine expert.
Founded specialist wine importers Morris & Verdin

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As a fluent Chinese Mandarin speaker and with capable French I'm well equipped for visitors to New Zealand.

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Customised expert guidance to help high net worth visitors experience and acquire the best NZ has to offer.

  • Accompanying guests to significant wine and food destinations
  • Interpreting for Chinese speakers
  • Food and wine travel recommendations
  • Assistance building a wine cellar


I offer a highly refined palette, deep knowledge and a global perspective to industry leaders.

  • Winemaking consultancy – improving vintages and blends
  • Wine marketing and sales
  • Hospitality consulting – building a wine menu, food and wine matching
  • Securing wine internationally
  • Building and stocking a cellar

Educational &

I have extensive experience giving lectures and speaking about the wine industry.

  • Lectures for educational institutions
  • Guest speaking
  • Staff development for hospitality
  • Working with and interpreting for journalists

About CP

About CP

I am an aficionado of all things relating to aroma and flavour, and hold a Diploma in Wine Science (plus a BSc in Mathematics, obtained before I really discovered Wine).

About CP

I have built on the gift of a supertaster palate with decades of wine and food tasting experience, not to mention soft spots for tea, coffee, whisky, cognac and gin. I make elegant, complex wines which consistently rate highly with international wine critics and publications, including Mathew Jukes, Neil Martin, Jancis Robinson, The Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Decanter.

Over 20 years I’ve travelled extensively and built a global perspective, with winemaking and consulting engagements in New Zealand, France, Japan, Australia, Portugal, United States, and Italy. I’ve worked as a winemaker for several vineyards internationally, and assisted many more to maximise their potential. I’ve helped many clients and friends create exquisite cellars, which I then help them drink (what else would a friend do?) Having developed an extensive network of fellow aficionados I’ve been privileged to experience many of the best (and most exotic) wines in the world. If you need to know whether a bottle of 1812 Cabernet from Napoleon’s collection is drinking well, I can confirm that indeed it is. I enjoy name-dropping well-known friends (just a little!) and love helping people make connections through wine and food.

In my mind, CP Lin has one the best palates of anyone I have ever encountered. His exquisite tastes go way well beyond wine - his insights into everything gastronomic are always compelling. I am always on the edge of my seat to hear what else CP has to say.”

Rajat Parr, Sommelier - oversees the wine program of the Michael Mina restaurant group
Other things about me:

Other things about me:

With Taiwanese heritage I’m fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese dialect, and also capable in French and German.

My beverage interests extend to designing and tasting high end spirits, apple cider and non-alcoholic beverages. Having spent a lot of time cooking I’m become a bit of a knife enthusiast and have deep knowledge of cooking, fishing, and sporting knives.

I’ve recently realised that I own 7 different coffee machines, so we can explore single origin coffees if it’s too early for wine. Failing that we can also share:

  • High end teas from all the tea producing countries
  • Quality cigars (an occasional treat)
  • Fine chocolates and olive oils (not necessarily together)
  • A round of Judo, Aikido, or Jujitsu to whet the appetite (I need to practise more)

I discovered that I like to drive cars fast, although given the fact that I’m blind, we should probably be in a wide open space before you hand over your keys. If you’re interested, my blog covers some of the unique perspectives being blind gives me as a winemaker.

I’m typically forthright (OK maybe a little blunt) so I’ll be honest if I don’t like a particular wine or dish. However I understand that taste is subjective so I won’t blame you if you do. Unless you put ice in your wine. Then I’ll judge you on the inside.

CP has made some of the most arresting and remarkable wines that I have ever tasted from New Zealand. Is there a magic ingredient for being a great winemaker? It sounds simplistic, but possessing great taste is a rare commodity and yet those winemakers who have an innate understanding of taste invariably set themselves apart from the rest and make the most involving and sensual wines. CP has exquisite taste.”

Matthew Jukes
UK based wine writer, lecturer and wine judge, with 9 Million regular readers

Previous experience

My expertise has seen me consulting, wine making and lecturing across the globe.

Previous experience

CP in the media

Tasting Waipara


Mountford Estate
Pinot Noir 2008 Waipara


The Wines of CP Lin


It's Classified Information


Red Before White


Mountford Estate Masterclass


Mountford 2008
Vintage Review


Wine Consulting

Third Leaf Wines
France/New Zealand

Bonne Rouge

Mountford Estate
Waipara, New Zealand

Warrumbungle Vineyard
Coonabarabran, Australia

Veridian Wines
Oregon, USA

La Gova
Lisbon, Portugal

Mount Ayre Vineyard
Hunter Valley, Australia

Lemelson Wines
Oregon, USA

Brieida Winery
Piedmonte, Italy

Yamhill Valley Vineyards
Oregon, USA

Wine Making

Mon Cheval
Waipara New Zealand

Erewhon Wines
New Zealand

Mountford Estate
Waipara, New Zealand


Lincoln University
New Zealand

Yamanashi University
Yamanashi, Japan

CP…played a major part incidentally in making the exceptional reds of Warrumbungle in an uncharted corner of New South Wales. ”

Jancis Robinson MW
Wine critic, journalist and wine writer

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